5 Reasons to Pack Your Bags and Move to Maine for Work

October 17, 2019

5 Reasons to Pack Your Bags and Move to Maine for Work

Everyone wants to come to Maine these days. From the craft beer to the fresh seafood to the oceans, mountains and lakes at every turn – there’s a lot to love. For many who are burned out by life in a big city the prospect of moving to Maine is enticing, but finding a new job can sometimes feel like, well, a full-time job. If you’re on the fence about making the move we’ll give you five great reasons to seal the deal along with a somewhat non-traditional employment option that just might surprise you.

aerial photo of Portland, Maine

1. It’s a Foodie’s Paradise

If you love food and craft beer, you pretty much need to live in southern Maine. In fact, according to C+R Research, an analytical firm based in Chicago, Portland, ME ranks #1 for the most breweries per capita at an impressive 18 breweries per 50,000 people.

The craft beer scene pairs nicely with Portland’s eclectic and vibrant food scene, one that Bon Appétit recently named “restaurant city of the year.” Our abundance of fresh-off-the boat lobster, local seafood, wild blueberries, and maple syrup don’t hurt, either.

2. It’s an Instagrammer’s Dream

There aren’t many places that have easy access to beaches, lakes, mountains, and lighthouses all in the same day – but Maine has it all. There’s pretty much nowhere in this state you can’t snap a gram-worthy photo.

3. It’s Rich with Outdoor Activities

Thanks to Maine’s diverse geography (oceans, lakes, mountains – even a “desert”), there’s truly an abundance of outdoor activities for every season. Enjoy apple picking in fall, sledding and downhill skiing in the winter, hiking in spring, and beach or lake days (canoeing and kayaking) in the summer! Plus Maine has a vibrant arts and music culture that is celebrated all year long.

4. It’s Home to That “Urban Legend” of Work-Life Balance

The city grind is exhausting. The workdays are made even longer by brutal commutes or public transportation issues. Here, it’s too nice outside to work that hard. Many employers are hyper focused on helping you achieve that work-life balance – and the fact that “traffic” in Maine refers to a couple of cars at a stoplight is a pretty nice bonus, too. It’s truly the way life should be!

5. You Can Start Working Here Right Away

If you are looking to move to Maine quickly, or you need to nab a job right away since your significant other already has employment locked down, we have just the thing. Temp jobs are abundant in Southern Maine – and they’re the perfect gateway to something more permanent.

Why a Temp Job?

Many people looking for fulltime employment never stop to consider how a temporary position could work for them. But their miss is your opportunity. Hooking up with a temporary staffing agency in southern Maine gives you a head start on a new job where you can be working tomorrow and getting paid right off the bat.

This is the way to get to Maine quickly, bypass the oversaturated job boards, and get your “in” with top Maine employers. A large percentage of Maine’s top employers don’t have time for endless job boards and bottomless stacks of resume. Instead, they turn to temporary staffing agencies to help fill key positions quickly. Often employers see these jobs as extended interviews (we call them Pathway Positions) where the goal is to find a good fit and hire someone permanently at the end of their temp contract.

Many of these employers fill their open positions via temporary staffing agencies before the jobs are ever even advertised online.

Being part of the ProSearch Network gives you exclusive VIP access to these opportunities, and an expert recruiter to help find the best fit for you – and your new employer.

Joining the ProSearch Network is free and easy to do with zero risk to you. Just submit your resume and a bit about the type of position you have in mind on our website. If it sounds like a good fit, one of our recruiters will call you to learn more about what you are looking for in making this move to Maine. Not only will the recruiters be able to match you up to current opportunities, they may also have some inside information about potential openings coming up in the near future.

Another major benefit of temporary positions is that you aren’t locked into anything as soon as you move here. A temporary job gives you the opportunity to explore different companies (or different industries) and find the best fit for your new life in Maine.

Join the ProSearch network today and make your move to Maine a reality!

At ProSearch, we believe that people’s time and careers are important, and we pride ourselves on helping our candidates and clients find the right fit in an open and honest way. While these jobs may be temporary, they far exceed short-term transactions, and we are fully engaged in helping all of our candidates find the very best solutions for their next employment step.

If you’re ready to take this first step and have ProSearch’s talented recruiters behind you, visit our website or give us a call at (207) 775-7600 for immediate VIP access to the best network of job opportunities from southern Maine’s top employers. Maine is ready to welcome you with open arms; it’s time to start planting your roots! Join the ProSearch Network today! Let’s get to work!